The following brothers have been elected by their Lodges to serve as Worshipful Master for the 2023-2024 Masonic Year.

Lodge Name Worshipful Master
Harmony Lodge No. 8 W.B. Mike Brown
New Carlisle Lodge No. 100 W.B. Richard Boitnott
Clark Lodge No. 101 W.B. Larry Perks
Mechanicsburg Lodge No. 113 W.B. Bill Instine
Chandler Lodge No. 138 W.B. Henry Comer
Fielding Lodge No. 192 W.B. Brent White
Madison Lodge No. 221 W.B. Chris Mann
Mt. Olivet Lodge No. 226 W.B. Dan Kirk
Mt. Sterling Lodge No. 269 W.B. Travis Wolf
Urania Lodge No. 311 W.B. Steve Brown
Anthony Lodge No. 455 W.B. Roger S Dunn
St. Andrews Lodge No. 619 W.B. Fred Deyhle
H.S. Kissell Lodge No. 674 W.B. Joe Patchin
Morning Star Lodge No. 795 W.B. John Maxwell

Who has the Gavel?

Lodge: New Carlisle 100 (Please call ahead to confirm current location)
Next Stated Meeting: July 11th at 7:00pm. (2nd Thursdays)
Note: Gavel is not available at Inspections even if the Lodge Stated Meeting night



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